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Xining online dispensing system

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Xining online dispensing system

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  • Release Date: 2017/07/29
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Detailed introduction

Adopting the new road sign of the second generation pneumatic injection valve / piezoceramic valve


Equipment highlights: the industry's original dual camera positioning system!


1.Using CCD full-area visual positioning system + CCD high-precision visual positioning, it can still achieve high-precision dispensing without the need for precision jigs

2. Automatic identification of defective products, automatic screening and dispensing of products

3. Adopt full vision guided programming mode, the efficiency of program programming is 30-50% higher than similar products on the market, the minimum point diameter of pneumatic injection valve is 0.3mm, the minimum glue amount is 5nl; the minimum minimum point diameter of piezoelectric valve is 0.2mm, the minimum glue Volume 2nl

4, automatic constant temperature system, automatic voltage stabilization system, high consistency of dispensing volume

指纹模组、摄像头模组、BGA底部填充、红胶 Application process 1: fingerprint module, camera module, BGA underfill, red glue


微电子封装、管脚元件包封、硅麦克、热熔胶在边框 Application process 2: microelectronic packaging, pin component encapsulation, silicon microphone, hot melt adhesive on the frame


Equipment part specifications


自动打螺丝机厂家 ,推动了自动锁螺丝机在各个行业的普及应用;第一家将单颗螺丝锁速度提升到1.5秒以内;第一家推出背靠背双电批结构;第一家推出自动废弃螺丝处理功能;第一家推出一键出厂设置恢复功能的 全自动锁螺丝机厂家 ;第一家推出360度任意角度旋转任意角度螺丝锁附功能。 The new road sign is the first automatic screw machine manufacturer to launch a pre-amplified and unattended operation mode , which has promoted the universal application of automatic lock screw machines in various industries; the first company has increased the speed of single screw locks to less than 1.5 seconds; The first company to launch a back-to-back dual-electric batch structure; the first company to launch an automatic waste screw processing function; the first company to launch a full-automatic screw-locking machine manufacturer with one-button factory setting recovery ; the first company to launch 360-degree screw rotation at any angle Lock function.

全自动锁螺丝机 信息,可咨询0769-81876026。 For more information about fully automatic locking screw machine , please consult 0769-81876026.

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