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Haidong desktop three-axis dispensing platform

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Haidong desktop three-axis dispensing platform

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  • Release Date: 2017/07/29
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Detailed introduction

Adopting the new road sign of the second generation pneumatic injection valve / piezoceramic valve


● WIN7 system, easy to operate and fast.

● Self-developed software system with fast programming speed and convenient application.

● Dispensing program files can be uploaded and downloaded via U disk for easy data management and storage.

● Accurate dispensing position through visual positioning and PCB positioning point compensation

● Support CAD file import and track preview function

● Advanced nano wear-resistant material accessories, the life is more than 20 times that of ordinary materials.

● Optional laser detection, bottom heating system, Z-axis rotation mechanism, low liquid level alarm.

指纹模组、摄像头模组、BGA底部填充、红胶、微电子封装、管脚元件包封、硅麦克、热熔胶在边框....... Application process: fingerprint module, camera module, BGA underfill, red glue, microelectronic packaging, pin component encapsulation, silicon microphone, hot melt adhesive on the frame ...


Equipment part specifications


自动打螺丝机厂家 ,推动了自动锁螺丝机在各个行业的普及应用;第一家将单颗螺丝锁速度提升到1.5秒以内;第一家推出背靠背双电批结构;第一家推出自动废弃螺丝处理功能;第一家推出一键出厂设置恢复功能的 全自动锁螺丝机厂家 ;第一家推出360度任意角度旋转任意角度螺丝锁附功能。 The new road sign is the first automatic screw machine manufacturer to launch a pre-amplified and unattended operation mode , which has promoted the universal application of automatic lock screw machines in various industries; the first company has increased the speed of single screw locks to less than 1.5 seconds; The first company to launch a back-to-back dual-electric batch structure; the first company to launch an automatic waste screw processing function; the first company to launch a full-automatic screw-locking machine manufacturer with one-button factory setting recovery ; the first company to launch 360-degree screw rotation at any angle Lock function.

全自动锁螺丝机 信息,可咨询0769-81876026。 For more information about fully automatic locking screw machine , please consult 0769-81876026.

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