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  • What are the advantages of lock screw machine

    1. Hand-held active lock screw machine, screw transport, lock pay while hot iron, no longer need to take the screw by hand. The screwing speed is 40-60PCS / MIN, which greatly increases the production power and saves labor. You can hit as fast as you can! 3. Just directly align the screw hole, and lock it with a single press of the screw. Repeated feeding phenomenon, lock one to one, convenient and quick
    Release time: 2019-12-27 Clicks: 7

  • Talk about how the automatic lock screw machine detects floating locks, sliding teeth and missing nails

    Talk about how the automatic locking screw machine detects floating locks, sliding teeth, and missing nails. It is well known that the automatic locking screw machine is used to replace manual screw actuation equipment. Between) often encounter the situation of missing lock (without screws) and sliding teeth. When using the active screwdriver to slip) and the floating lock (the screw is not tightened)
    Release time: 2019-12-19 Clicks: 8

  • Which industries are suitable for automatic lock screw machine

    Which industries are fully suitable for the automatic lock screw machine? With the continuous increase in labor costs, most companies have started to use automatic screw lock machines instead of technology to lock screws. This is a trend. As the wages of workers have risen all over the world, the economic pressure on SMEs is very high. The appearance of the automatic locking screw machine greatly improves the output power and saves people.
    Release time: 2019-12-13 Clicks: 13

  • Precautions for using automatic screw machine

    Precautions for the use of automatic screwdrivers: 1. The sliding of the electric screwdriver's nose on the electric screwdriver should be kept smooth, otherwise it will be difficult for the screw to enter the electric screwdriver and affect the use of the machine. 2. Do not bend the screw delivery tube, otherwise the screw will be caught in the bend during the screw transportation. 3. Be sure to wait for the torque of the electric batch to reach the set torque.
    Release time: 2019-12-04 Clicks: 26

  • Automatic screw machine manufacturers tell you the principle of automatic screw machine

    Automatic screw machine manufacturers tell you the principle of automatic screw machine What is the principle of automatic screw machine? With the rapid development of industrial production, automatic screwing machines have gradually replaced manual service screwing. Automatic screwing machines have further increased productivity and saved labor costs. Although many people are more familiar with automatic screwing machines, they are more familiar with automatic screwing machines. machine
    Release time: 2019-11-27 Clicks: 27

  • The use of automatic locking screw machine

    The use of automatic locking screw machine The automatic locking screw machine realizes the active transportation, tightening and testing of screws through various electrical and pneumatic components, and simplifies the screw tightening process through the device, and then reduces the number of manuals and reduces Bad factors caused by manual misoperation. It is a typical non-standard active device. Automatic lock screw machine is mainly used for
    Release time: 2019-11-21 Clicks: 22

  • Automatic lock screw machine benefits

    Benefits of automatic lock screw machine Automatic lock screw machine, also known as automatic screw feeding machine, automatic screw feeding machine, industrial tightening system, screw lock robot, etc., is used to replace the traditional manual screw tightening machine. It is a widely used screw-driving machine. It is flexible in the production line and has improved the work efficiency. Benefits of automatic lock screw machine
    Release time: 2019-11-15 Clicks: 19

  • Six factors affecting the service life of automatic screw machines

    Six factors that affect the service life of automatic screw machines 1. Whether the screws are mixed with impurities; The screws purchased by manufacturers from screw factories need to ensure the quality standards of the screws, such as whether screws are mixed with other types of screws. The size will be different. Generally speaking, the screw machine has been adjusted for the screw before use.
    Release time: 2019-11-07 Clicks: 20

  • Automatic screw machine manufacturer is a small machine that automatically locks screws

    What are the different screw machines for automatic screw machine manufacturers and hand-held active feed screw machines, which are composed of a feeding system and a trivial payment system, of which the feeding part, also known as the screw placement machine and screw supply machine, is a relatively simple A small active device that arranges screws in a row, with the intention of improving working power, is widely used in electronics. One machine can apply multiple
    Release time: 2019-10-31 Clicks: 53

  • Should I choose a full automatic screw machine manufacturer or a hand-held screw machine?

    Should I choose a fully automatic screwdriver or a handheld screwdriver? Your company should use a portable active screw machine or a full active screw machine to grasp the active screw machine company is full of want to improve work efficiency, control costs or improve product quality, whether it is a portable active screw machine, multi-axis active Screw machine, or XY full active screw machine
    Release time: 2019-10-24 Clicks: 43

  • What is a three coordinate automatic lock screw machine

    What is a three-coordinate full automatic locking screw machine (Auto-ScrewdrivingMachine), also known as a full active screw lock payment machine, active screw feeding machine, active feeding screw machine, industrial tightening system, etc., is used to replace traditional technology Machine for tightening screws. Craft screw tightening includes pure craft tightening and electric
    Release time: 2019-10-16 Clicks: 46

  • Advantages of automatic screw machine manufacturers screw machine

    Advantages of automatic screw machine manufacturers using screw machine 1, improve production power, reduce workers and save costs. 2. There is no need to take the screws by hand, the screws actively feed to the mouth of the batch. 3, One-handed locking operation, easy to lower the piezoelectric batch to complete the locking screw. 4. High power reaches 60 tablets / minute. 5. The screw will not be contaminated again. 6, lower
    Release time: 2019-10-10 Clicks: 38

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