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  • Summary of frequently asked questions about automatic lock screw machine

    Summary of common questions about automatic locking screw machine 1. What kind of screws can be used for automatic locking screw machine? The length of the screw is more than 1.2 times the diameter of the cap, so you can use air-blown feed. If this condition cannot be met, then only blow-type feed can be used. Of course, not all screws are suitable for air blowing. (Please consult the sales staff for specific details and specific analysis
    Release time: 2017-11-15 Clicks: 65

  • Automatic screw machine principle

    The screw machine includes an automatic screw unit, an automatic screw conveying unit, an automatic screw tightening unit, and a detection unit during the locking process. The screw automatic alignment unit is mainly to arrange the screws in bulk neatly and output them individually. The entire unit can be realized by a vibrating plate sorting mechanism or by a rocker screw arrangement mechanism. Automatic screw conveying unit
    Release time: 2017-11-02 Clicks: 61

  • Application of automatic locking screw machine in fan industry

    Application of automatic locking screw machine in the fan industry The types of fans include ceiling fans, table fans and floor fans. Different products require different automatic locking screw solutions. Here we introduce rotary and desktop automatic locking screw machines. Ceiling fan rotary automatic lock screw machine This product is a ceiling fan motor. It is fastened by a hex screw with screws with washers and round washers.
    Release time: 2017-10-12 Clicks: 74

  • Automatic lock screw machine manufacturers tell you the requirements of automatic lock screw machine

    The manufacturer of automatic locking screw machine tells you the requirements of automatic locking screw machine. The birth of automatic screwing machine is in line with the development requirements of the market. It is the basic factor for the development of automation that equipment is used to improve efficiency and reduce labor. Hand-held lock screw machine locks more than 50 screws per minute, which is impossible for traditional electric batchers.
    Release time: 2017-09-13 Clicks: 57

  • Price and performance of automatic locking screw equipment

    Price and performance of automatic locking screw equipment Price of automatic locking screw machine Many customers want to know more about the manufacturers' quotations as soon as possible before purchasing automatic locking screw machine, and choose a manufacturer that is more suitable for their company's budget to order automatic locking screw machine . The automatic locking screw machine needs to be designed in combination with the production line of the enterprise. The price of different solutions varies greatly.
    Release time: 2017-09-07 Click times: 67

  • Which design scheme is good for automatic lock screw machine

    The manufacturer of automatic locking screw machine tells you which design scheme of automatic locking screw machine is good. The company purchases new equipment and adopts new technology, mainly to change the existing disadvantages of existing production, improve production efficiency, improve product qualification rate, and reduce production. Cost, reduce labor, etc. The cost of equipment investment and the rate of return determine whether a company makes a purchase. Automatic lock
    Release time: 2017-08-29 Clicks: 77

  • Cleaning and maintenance of automatic locking screw machine

    Cleaning and maintenance precautions for fully automatic screwdrivers. Modification 1 should adhere to the smooth sliding of the electric screwdriver's nose on the electric screwdriver, otherwise the screws will not easily enter the electric screwdriver's nose and affect the use of the machine. 2 It is not possible to bend the screw transport tube, otherwise the screw will be caught at the bend during the screw transport. 3 Be sure to wait for the torque of the electric batch to reach the set torque.
    Release time: 2017-07-31 Click times: 63

  • Precautions for the use of automatic screw machine manufacturers screw machine

    Various occupations are constantly progressing, and automatic screw machine manufacturers are also constantly developing. Following the use of our multi-axis active locking screw machine, our mechanical production profession has been developed rapidly. Its strong function gradually occupied the heart of our company. Efficient and fast working methods and simple and fast operation methods make our company develop
    Release time: 2017-07-20 Clicks: 51

  • Automatic screw machine manufacturers give some tips for selecting screw machines

    Automatic screwing machine is an automatic device that can automatically lock screws into goods. The automatic feeding screw machine manufacturer's automatic feeding multi-axis active locking screw machine refers to the single-axis or multi-axis active locking screw machine, and the goods to be locked are manually loaded, and the machine actively moves the fixture and the product to locate the goods. It can be manually or manually machine-loaded.
    Release time: 2017-07-03 Clicks: 42

  • Fully automatic locking screw machine manufacturers solve the problem of "labor shortage"

    Following the start of the “labor shortage” in the country, many labor-intensive companies were caught off guard. However, at a recent machinery exhibition, many automatic CNC products appeared. The birth of these products made people see the dawn of handling doubts. In recent years, China ’s self-made equipment industry has developed rapidly, mainly in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta.
    Release time: 2017-06-22 Clicks: 53

  • What are the benefits of screw machines from common automatic screw machine manufacturers

    Compared with the action of holding the screw with one hand, the electric screwdriver with one hand, or the air screwdriver with one hand, the automatic screw-feeding screw machine can free one hand and only need a hand-held screwdriver to align the screw holes with the locking screws. After locking a screw, you only need to lift the screwdriver to align the next screw hole to lock the screw. Automatic screw machine manufacturers will automatically transfer a screw to the screwdriver when the screwdriver is lifted.
    Release time: 2017-06-15 Clicks: 38

  • How to choose the right automatic screwdriver wind and electric batch

    The automatic screw-locking machine, the average time for a screw-driving machine to be within 1.3-1.5 seconds, is several times faster than manual operation; not only improves the production power, but also handles the problem of difficulty in recruiting the company, and decreases. Production cost; fully automatic screw-locking machine can work 24 hours a day, no need to worry about whether it can persist in long-term operation without showing up like manual labor
    Release time: 2017-05-14 Clicks: 55

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