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What are the advantages of lock screw machine

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What are the advantages of lock screw machine

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1. Hand-held active lock screw machine, screw transport, lock pay while hot iron, no longer need to take the screw by hand. The screwing speed is 40-60PCS / MIN, which greatly increases the production power and saves labor. You can hit as fast as you can!

3. Just need to directly align the screw holes, and press the screw lightly to lock it. There is no repeated feeding. Locking one by one is convenient and quick.

5. The electric applicator is suitable and convenient, and there is no need to worry about increasing the fatigue of the workers because the head is too heavy!

7. Active screw machine manufacturers Hand-held lock screw machines are used in the active assembly line of the electronics industry, such as cell phones, hard disks, keyboards, computers, DVDs, home appliances, fans, electronics, plastics, toys, appliances, communications equipment, electrical appliances, toys, electronic processing plants, and assembly.

So what about the fully active lock screw machine?

It can be planned to send locks in horizontal, oblique and multiple directions together to meet a variety of production needs; intelligent ---- continuous feeding, constant torque, optional counting function, anti-leakage function. Lock detection; the two stations are actively connected, and active pipeline planning can be adopted. There is no need to manually move the workpiece, the workpiece is actively in place, the screw is actively tightened, and the next process is actively initiated ; the active screw machine manufacturer can plan special models based on customer product characteristics.

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