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Talk about how the automatic lock screw machine detects floating locks, sliding teeth and missing nails

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Talk about how the automatic lock screw machine detects floating locks, sliding teeth and missing nails

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Talk about how the automatic lock screw machine detects floating locks, sliding teeth and missing nails

As we all know, the automatic screw lock machine is used to replace the manual screw screw activation device, but during the screwing process (between the electric screwdriver and the screw head), it will often encounter the situation of missing lock (without screws) and sliding teeth. . This situation occurs when using an active screwdriver to slip) and a floating lock (the screws are not fully tightened).

Lost nails are not usually sent by screws. The screws are mainly screw feeders. Sort and send the screws to the feed line. The sensor is mounted on the feed line. Send a screw sensor to detect the pulse signal to the PLC. After the system receives the signal, the PLC control system will blow up and confirm the screw. If there are no screws to send, a repair action will occur. If the nails are not delivered properly, the device will stop and issue an alarm, waiting for a problem. remove.

Sliding tooth and sliding head detection principle: The fully automatic lock screw machine will set the lock torque and torque parameters before paying the lock. When the electric screwdriver confirms the screw normally, after the set torque is reached, the electric batch will actively cut off the electric brake. At the same time, the pulse signal is sent to the PLC control system; when a slip or a sliding head occurs, the set torque is not reached when the electric batch lock is paid, the electric batch will not stop running, so it will not send a signal to the PLC. operating. You can confirm whether the screws are slippery or slippery.

Floating lock is judged by the interval sensor installed on the electric bit. When the screw lock reaches the set torque, determine the interval between the sensor and the screw head by PLC operation to confirm whether the screw is tightened. For more floating lock items, please refer to "Causes of Automatic Lock Screw Lifting Lock" and Testing methods ".

The operation and detection of the fully automatic locking screw machine mainly rely on sensors, PLC control system, feed system and lock payment system to complete the entire locking screw process. The PLC control system plays a key role, using high-quality screws and screw feeds. Electric screwdrivers as well as surface treatments and industrial designs reduce screw leaks, floating locks and sliding teeth.

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