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Precautions for using automatic screw machine

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Precautions for using automatic screw machine

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Notes on the use of automatic screw machine:

1. The sliding of the electric screwdriver's nose on the electric screwdriver should be kept smooth, otherwise it will be difficult for the screw to enter the electric screwdriver and affect the operation of the machine.

2. Do not bend the screw delivery tube, otherwise the screw will be caught in the bend during the screw transportation.

3. Be sure to wait for the torque of the electric batch to reach the set torque, and then lift the electric batch after the electric batch is automatically interrupted, otherwise the machine will not operate and deliver a screw to the nose of the electric batch to be locked.

4. If it is found that the machine does not send a screw to the nose of the electric batch to be locked, you can repeatedly hit the screw that was locked one time, or manually send the screw button once to let the machine send a screw to the nose of the electrical batch to be locked .

5. The air pressure is not adjustable too much, otherwise it will only accelerate the wear rate of the electric nose.

6. The vibration force of the track cannot be adjusted too much, otherwise the screw will easily squeeze out the track on the screw track and affect the stability of the machine.

The above is the question about "What are the advantages of automatic screw machines? Precautions for the use of automatic screw machines." Assuming friends who are engaged in operations related to automatic screw machines, they must take care of the supply situation in time, so as to substantially improve the operating efficiency To ensure the quality of the job


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