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Automatic screw machine manufacturers tell you the principle of automatic screw machine

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Automatic screw machine manufacturers tell you the principle of automatic screw machine

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Automatic screw machine manufacturers tell you the principle of automatic screw machine

What is the principle of automatic screw machine? With the rapid development of industrial production, automatic screwing machines have gradually replaced manual service screwing. Automatic screwing machines have further increased productivity and saved labor costs. Although many people are more familiar with automatic screwing machines, they are more familiar with automatic screwing machines. I don't know the principle of the machine, I will open the analysis for everyone today:

Automatic screw machine

The key of the principle of the automatic screw machine is to work by feeding, locking and placing. The actual steps are given:


Use rollers, hook screws, pressurization, vibrating discs, etc. to feed materials, place the screws on the sensational slide rail in the order they are placed, and transfer them to the screw distribution system software. .

Lock payment:

Electric screwdriver can move freely back and forth, left, right, right, left and right in the indoor space of the countertop. The spindle bearing has limit switches for up, down, left and right. Move the mouth of the batch to the screw hole and then fix the limit switch. The product scratches the product. After the screw hole is aligned, the device pushes the electric screwdriver toward the diastolic pressure. The electric screwdriver has a diastolic pressure starting function. The screw touches the screw hole to automatically start the electric screwdriver and lock it. The rotation is automatically stopped, the device extends the electric screwdriver, and the screws are automatically sent to the mouth. The automatic screwdriver moves the electric screwdriver to the next screw hole and locks the screw again.

The actual operation of employees:

The employee puts the product on the fixture, waits for the mechanical equipment to lock the product, replaces the product, and then puts the product as the locked product, and performs the same operation again. The automatic screwing machine is convenient, convenient, time-saving, labor-saving and energy-saving. It saves labor and service for the company's locking screw tooling fixture, improves work efficiency, and features 150% stable performance. Equipment replaces manual service, automatic screwing machine is your best choice!

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