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The use of automatic locking screw machine

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The use of automatic locking screw machine

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The use of automatic locking screw machine

The automatic screw-locking machine realizes the active transportation, tightening and testing of the screws through various electrical and pneumatic components, and simplifies the screw tightening process through the device, then reduces the number of manuals and reduces the defects caused by manual error factor. It is a typical non-standard active device.

Automatic screw lock machine is mainly used to tighten M1-M8 screws. Due to its non-standard active equipment, it has a customizable function, and products that touch screw fastenings can obtain corresponding solutions and have a wide range of use. According to the working principle, they can be divided into: multi-axis automatic locking screw machine, Coordinate automatic lock screw machine, handheld lock screw machine.

Multi-axis type: Multi-axis screws together, all screws of the product can be tightened at one time, high efficiency; coordinate type: one-to-one (or more coordinate points set by the program) screws, which can be modified and modified, and In use; Hand-held: The hand-held is also equipped with an active nail feeder, which can be used to manually determine screw holes to determine any part of the product. Screw, good elasticity.

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