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Product introduction of turntable lock screw machine

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Product introduction of turntable lock screw machine

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Product requirements for turntable lock screw machine

Multi-axis turntable type automatic lock screw machine is divided into general turntable type and on-line type. There are many similarities in the planning of the two. Both are through the turntable to achieve multi-station synchronous operation. Multiple workstations are required on the table. Generally Jingtian chose 4 stations to save space as much as possible.

The turntable type automatic lock screw machine requires workers to place products quickly. Because it is a synchronous operation, the time consuming of one process will affect the efficiency of other processes, so the product is required to be placed easily. Generally requires product size within 200X150MM.

Rotary automatic locking screw machine is generally used in toys, small appliances, smart appliances, water pumps, printer-copier and other office equipment components, various electrical and electrical components. All products that meet the standard range are acceptable.

Special circumstances can also be planned according to actual requirements, such as LED radiation lamp radiators, provided that the product is easy to place.

Ida online applicable product range

The on-line type is dedicated to the assembly line and requires a robotic arm to automatically pick and place the product. Its production efficiency is higher. The manipulator type requires that the product size is 100X100mm and the product weight is within 0.5KG. The first consideration is the limit of the robot arm's accessibility and the product is affected by gravity when placing the product (if the product is heavier, the impact force during placing is also larger) In general, the manipulator generally requires the product weight to be within 0.5KG to ensure the production quality.

The on-line automatic screw-locking machine is mainly used for products that require on-line operation such as appearance, home appliance accessories, toys, smart home appliances, glasses, electrical and electrical components.


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