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Automatic screw machine manufacturers introduce automatic screw machine

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Automatic screw machine manufacturers introduce automatic screw machine

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Automatic screw machine manufacturers introduce automatic screw machine

Auto-Screwdriving Machine (Auto-Screwdriving Machine), also known as automatic screw-feeding machine , automatic screw- feeding machine, industrial tightening system, screw-paid robot, etc., is a machine that replaces the traditional technology of screwing. It is a widely used screw-driving machine at present. The flexible use in the production line has greatly improved the operating efficiency.

Automatic screwing machine is used to replace the traditional technology of tightening screws. It consists of three parts: sorting, separating, and paying. The automatic screwing machine feed system sorts the screws and distributes the screws through the distributor. The pipes send the screws to the screwdriver. Then the electric or pneumatic screwdriver is used to insert the screws into the payment system of the product. It completely overturns the principle of traditional manual screwing and promotes the advantages of traditional automatic screwing machines. Instead of taking the screws by hand, the screws are automatically fed to the mouth of the batch. You only need to lift the batch to align the screw holes with the screws. The machine will automatically transfer a screw under the mouth of the electric screwdriver at the moment when the electric screwdriver is lifted up, waiting for the next screw to be driven, and so on. Widely used in keyboard, mouse, switch, socket, charger, battery box, meter, instrument, and other screw-intensive plastic products.


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