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Full automatic lock screw machine manufacturer: application in auto parts industry

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Full automatic lock screw machine manufacturer: application in auto parts industry

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   Full automatic lock screw machine manufacturer : application in auto parts industry
There are a lot of car accessories, and the product production standards are usually high. This introduces the car air filter full active lock screw machine equipment. The product is fastened by 9 screws, and there are many screws. Here, a multi-axis full active lock screw machine is used. Tighten 9 screws at a time to increase productivity.
Strictly according to the product feature planning, the screwing equipment is equipped with multiple active nail feeders to realize the active delivery of 9 screws at a time, and 9 sets of lock payment systems are actively screwed all screws to achieve the effect of screwing a product in one action.
The product production requirements are high. Here, the servo lock payment plan is used instead of the traditional electric batch to improve accuracy. The servo lock torque is precisely and controllable. At the same time, the device can output the torque torque according to the actual reference value.
The device uses a push-type fixture, which is easy to operate and has high safety. The operator only needs to put the air filter into the fixture. The push-type fixture will actively push the product under the lock payment system and screw it 9 After the screws are actively pushed out by the jig, the operator picks and places the product and enters the next product.


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