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What are the daily maintenance items of automatic screw machine?

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What are the daily maintenance items of automatic screw machine?

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Any machine will wear out for a long time, and its performance will decline in all aspects. How can we maintain its normal operation without affecting production efficiency? Many customers find that they do not know how to maintain after using an automatic screwdriver after using it for a period of time. Here are 5 points for maintenance:

1. Regularly clean the screw bin of the automatic screw machine to ensure that the bin of the machine is clean. Regularly clean the nail feeding system to ensure the smooth operation of the nail feeding system. It is recommended to regularly add some grease to the moving part to maintain ventilation and dryness.

2. Regularly clean the screw track of the automatic screw machine to ensure that the screws run smoothly in the track. Because some screws are oiled, after using these oils for a long time, the stains will stay on the track and block the track. When not in use, wipe with an oily cloth as much as possible, with as little water as possible.

3. Regularly clean the outer surface of the case. If the surface is not cleaned, it will cause the machine casing and the paint to peel off.


4, check often, rodent-proof tracheal wires, affecting future use.

5, regular plug-in ventilation, check performance. Turn off the power when the automatic screwdriver is not in use. Be sure to develop the habit of turning off the power after use. Wisdom Automation suggestion: Although manufacturers will promise life-long maintenance and repairs, our own daily maintenance is also very important. Due to the intelligent and precise structure, if there are any use problems or need repairs, please contact the manufacturers in time, Do not disassemble by yourself.

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