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Summary of frequently asked questions about automatic lock screw machine

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Summary of frequently asked questions about automatic lock screw machine

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Summary of frequently asked questions about automatic lock screw machine

1. What kind of screws can be used for automatic locking screw machine?

The length of the screw is more than 1.2 times the diameter of the cap, so you can use air-blown feed. If this condition cannot be met, then only blow-type feed can be used. Of course, not all screws are suitable for air blowing. (Please consult the sales staff for specific details and specific analysis)

2. Does the automatic locking screw machine often require after-sales?

Many customers will take into consideration the distance when choosing a supplier. In the short term, the two parties will discuss the case to facilitate communication, and in the long term, it will be convenient for future sales and maintenance.

3. Does the automatic locking screw get stuck?


We develop automatic locking screw machine. The machine and equipment developed for each company are customized according to the actual production requirements of the customer before passing the factory. At the same time, they are equipped with automatic material selection, incoming detection, and lack of alarm lights. , The device automatically screens for bad screws, and no jamming will occur.

4. Can automatic lock screw machine be universal?

The automatic lock screw machine is customized according to the specifications of the screw and the product. The other specifications of the screw are the same. Only those with a length difference of about 6mm can be used. Those who do not meet this condition are not universal.

5. Is the after-sales service free?

Because it is a customized machine, the first year of use is in the running-in period, and then the stable period, so our after-sales service is free for the first year, warranty within one year, and lifetime service

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