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Automatic screw machine principle

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Automatic screw machine principle

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The screw machine includes an automatic screw unit, an automatic screw conveying unit, an automatic screw tightening unit, and a detection unit during the locking process.

The screw automatic alignment unit is mainly to arrange the screws in bulk neatly and output them individually. The entire unit can be realized by a vibrating plate sorting mechanism or by a rocker screw arrangement mechanism.

The automatic screw conveying unit mainly conveys a whole row of screws to the working head of the screw tightening unit.

The automatic screw tightening unit includes a rotating power part and a screw introduction part. There are two types of screw introduction methods: blower type and suction type. Generally speaking, the blow type is better than the adsorption type because it works continuously and does not require the head to move back and forth. However, the blow type itself is limited by the shape and aspect ratio of the screw, and not every screw is suitable for the blow type. The detection unit includes the detection of problems such as missing locks, floating locks, and jammed screws.

Commonly used automatic locking screw machines should also include functions such as workpiece alignment and screw hole alignment.

The most common are single-axis screw tightening systems and multi-axis screw tightening systems.

Single-axis screw tightening system with XY manipulator or transfer platform can realize fully automatic screw tightening. XY-table automatic locking screw machine is especially suitable for screw locking with single workpiece multi-hole position, and has high working efficiency.


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