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Application of automatic locking screw machine in fan industry

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Application of automatic locking screw machine in fan industry

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Application of automatic locking screw machine in fan industry

The types of fans include ceiling fans, table fans and floor fans. Different products require different automatic locking screw solutions. Here, we introduce rotary and desktop automatic locking screw machines .

Ceiling fan rotary automatic lock screw machine

This product is a ceiling fan motor. It is fastened by a hex screw with a washer. The diameter of the round washer is 12mm. The total length of the screw is 15mm.

Here, a 6-axis turntable automatic lock screw machine is used, which is equipped with 6 fixtures, mainly because the product needs to place 3 paper gaskets before screwing. Time, the time for screwing 6 screws is usually 3 seconds. You can use two people to place the product, and you can place it by one person if you are skilled in operation.

Fan lock screw machine

Compared with the traditional method, the efficiency of this production placement is greatly improved. The entire screwing process can be completed in 3 seconds, which is 3 times, which is 3 times that of the traditional method.

The rotary table automatic lock screw machine is easy to operate. Employees only need to simply pick and place the product. The device automatically sends 6 screws and automatically screws them at a time. The advantage of the rotary table is that the screws can be screwed at the same time as the product is placed. No waiting time, save time

Table fan desktop type automatic lock screw machine

Fan moving head device An electric fan moving head angle adjuster that can arbitrarily adjust the moving angle of the electric fan to achieve variable range air supply. Commonly used in floor fans, industrial fans, etc.


The product has three screws that need to be tightened. In order to improve production efficiency, a double-station, dual-platform coordinate automatic locking screw machine is used here.

Desktop type automatic lock screw equipment advantages:

High efficiency: about 3600-4000 screws per hour, no waiting time;

Easier: 1 worker for a single device, only need to complete loading and unloading;

Reliability: equipped with sliding teeth, floating lock, missing lock detection function and automatic alarm, can work for more than 20 hours a day;

Versatility: For products that lock the same screw, you only need to change the jig, you can lock different products, and you can put them into production through simple programming, which greatly facilitates the organization of production by the enterprise;

Good image: Intelligent automation equipment makes the production scene of the enterprise new and establishes the high-tech image of the enterprise.

Cost saving: single person can operate efficiently, one person is equivalent to three persons;

20 products can be placed on the fixture of a single platform. Using dual electric batch, two screws can be screwed at the same time, which can double the productivity. The dual platforms can realize the simultaneous pick-and-place of products. While the equipment is screwing, employees can Save time by placing products at one station. The operation is simple, the staff only needs to place the product, and the product fixture design is scientific, which is convenient for quickly picking and placing the product.

Desktop lock screw machine detailed introduction

1. Mainly composed of automatic screw conveying system, XYZ moving platform, control system and lock payment system;

2. Strong applicability. To change the product, just change the jig, the equipment program is saved separately, and the corresponding program can be called up.

3.Feeding is controlled by sensors, and one by one after the lock is paid, and the material is automatically fed without repeated feeding.

4. Sliding teeth do not feed: In the lock payment project, the torque cannot be reached, and the screws are not sent out to prevent the feed mouth from jamming

5. Good stability, no jamming, even if the bad causes jamming, non-professionals can solve the jamming within seconds;

6. High efficiency, generally one screw per second, no need to grab the screw, just put the product on the fixture to operate the equipment;

7. It can reduce the screw lock operation of 3 workers, realize fully automated production, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and increase productivity;

8. The key parts are made of high-quality hardware materials and undergo special treatment. The original electronic components are imported to ensure zero failure of the equipment.

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