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Automatic lock screw machine manufacturers tell you the requirements of automatic lock screw machine

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Automatic lock screw machine manufacturers tell you the requirements of automatic lock screw machine

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Automatic lock screw machine manufacturers tell you the requirements of automatic lock screw machine

The birth of the automatic screw machine is in line with the development requirements of the market. The use of equipment to improve efficiency and reduce labor is a basic factor in the development of automation. Under normal circumstances, the hand-held screw machine locks more than 50 screws per minute. The traditional electric batch can not be approved, and the multi-axis automatic lock screw machine, which locks multiple screws at the same time, is 2-5 times more efficient than traditional equipment, and it is far beyond the reach of traditional equipment. Of course, these equipments are all out of reach. It is done within its scope of use. By knowing the working principle of the automatic lock screw machine, you can clearly know its scope of use. Maybe each manufacturer's automatic lock screw machine has a different application range, non-standard automation equipment, no A fixed number.Here we list the scope of use of the new road sign automatic lock screw machine in detail for your reference.

Requirements for screw length of automatic locking screw machine

Under normal circumstances, we require that the length of the screw is more than 1.2 times the diameter of the nut, which is mainly to prevent overturning during the conveying process.If the ratio is too small, the quality of automatic feeding cannot be guaranteed.

In theory, the automatic lock screw machine can be used for screws of any length.Because in actual design, the length of the screw is too long, which will affect the stability of the material and material mechanism and the conveying function.Some over-long screws are used in actual production design. It is not very practical. Usually, Fushida automatic lock screw machine meets screws with a total length of less than 30mm. If the product screw is too long, and you must use an automatic lock screw machine, it is recommended to replace the screw model


Many manufacturers will add gaskets to the screws for various reasons. Can screws with gaskets be used with automatic locking screw machines?

What can't be generalized, there are many kinds of screws with washers:

1.It is not suitable for the screws that need to place the gasket manually. The efficiency factor is mainly considered here. The design concept of the automatic lock screw machine is automatic feeding and automatic lock payment. The speed of feeding is not questionable, but if Place the gasket manually during the lock payment.In terms of efficiency, this device has lost its original advantages, especially the multi-axis type and coordinate type, and cannot play its due value.

2. There are many types of screws with washers and screws. Some screws with washers are more suitable for automatic locking screw machines. Similar to the following screws with washers, you can use Fushida. Automatic locking screw machine to improve locking efficiency

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