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Which design scheme is good for automatic lock screw machine

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Which design scheme is good for automatic lock screw machine

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Automatic lock screw machine manufacturers tell you which design scheme of automatic lock screw machine is good

Enterprises purchasing new equipment and adopting new technologies are mainly to change the existing disadvantages of existing production, improve production efficiency, improve product qualification rate, reduce production costs, and reduce labor. The cost of equipment investment and the rate of return determine whether a company makes a purchase.

Cost and return rate of automatic lock screw machine

Because there are usually several types of automatic locking screw machines, the return on investment of different types of automatic locking screw equipment varies greatly, and automatic locking screw machines are non-standard customized automation equipment. The use of such equipment also depends on the production of the product. Requirements cannot be generalized.

For example, the multi-axis type has the highest efficiency. It can screw multiple screws (2-20) at a time. One device can replace multiple employees, and the return on investment is quite high. But in products with more screws, this type is not suitable. For example, in the led module industry, a module usually has more than 100 screws. In theory, it is very efficient to screw all the screws at one time. In actual design, The cost of deploying 100 electric batches and delivering 100 screws at a time will exceed the expectations of some companies, and the solution is not feasible. Difficult), so there is no comparison between multi-axis and coordinate. We list the return on investment of three types of automatic locking screw equipment. Taking 6 screws as an example, the company currently has 20 employees working. Requires only 5 employees to complete existing production tasks.



The handheld investment has the smallest investment cost and the shortest recovery time. Similarly, the automatic nail feeder can not get rid of manual hole matching and cannot meet the requirements of automated operations. It is suitable for small-scale production. After using this solution, 10- Twelve employees came to work to meet the previous production requirements.


For products with 2-20 screws, the multi-axis type is more suitable. At present, the technology can transfer 20 screws at a time and tighten them at a time. A 6-axis type can be used, which can save 6 workers, requiring only 4 devices. One employee can complete the production tasks of the previous 20 people.

Coordinate formula

The coordinate type adopts coordinate positioning, and the electric screwdriver can be screwed one by one according to the set coordinates (or two screws at a time). The advantage of the coordinate type is that one person can operate multiple devices. In this case, it can be operated by 5 employees. 10 devices are enough.

By comparison: the handheld can not meet the requirements, and the investment cost of the multi-axis type is lower than the coordinate type. The above situation is more suitable for the multi-axis solution. Its investment cost and return rate are the highest.

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