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Fully automatic locking screw machine manufacturers solve the problem of "labor shortage"

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Fully automatic locking screw machine manufacturers solve the problem of "labor shortage"

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Following the start of the “labor shortage” in the country, many labor-intensive companies were caught off guard. However, at a recent machinery exhibition, many automatic CNC products appeared. The birth of these products made people see the dawn of handling doubts. In recent years, China ’s self-made equipment industry has developed rapidly. It is mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the main production areas, and industrial bases in the suburbs of large and medium cities, such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and Guangdong. The automatic locking screw machine entered the Chinese market. The company likes the automatic locking screw machine.

According to reports, for general industrial products, fully automatic screw machine manufacturers need to tighten the screws, assuming manual operation, which takes time and effort, and today ’s ultra-thin mobile phones, ultra-thin tablets, cameras and other electronic products have very fine screws. They are as big as ant eggs, and they need to be understood with a magnifying glass. Moreover, the torque and rotation speed of these products are very high. If you manually lock the screws, it will be difficult and almost impossible. And this fully automatic screw-locking machine can be operated at the speed of “locking several screws in a few seconds”. The power has been increased by dozens of times. According to the different needs of different products, the torque and speed of the lock screws can be scheduled. 全自动锁螺丝机厂家

In the production plan for many products, due to technical requirements, there will be coverings around the screw holes of the product, which will cause inconvenience to the screw lock. The traditional method of screwing requires the manual removal and placement of screws, and the use of an electric screwdriver to tighten the screws. Because the screwdriver head is relatively small, it will have less impact in the presence of obstructions. Following the promotion of automatic equipment, automatic screwdriver manufacturers , the simple and repeated process of manual screwing, requires a lot of manpower and man-hours, and the output power is not high. It has been gradually screened. It is replaced by a highly automated multi-axis screwing device that can screw all the screws together at one time, and for some special technology products, most of the automatic locking screw machine manufacturers' equipment are not yet satisfactory. The screw hole orientation of the water inlet solenoid valve is shown below.

Even the traditional lock payment method is difficult to quickly lock this product. Such products are widely used. Generally, electronically controlled water supply equipment such as washing machines, dishwashers, water supplies, and water control valves are used. Traditional methods cannot close orders in a short time. Automation strictly plans to produce products according to customer products, and uses special automatic feeding technology to describe the scope of application of automatic locking screw manufacturers from the beginning. It can deal with the question of the product's screw hole cover.

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