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Automatic screw machine manufacturers give some tips for selecting screw machines

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Automatic screw machine manufacturers give some tips for selecting screw machines

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Automatic screwing machine is an automatic device that can automatically lock screws into goods. The automatic feeding screw machine manufacturer's automatic feeding multi-axis active locking screw machine refers to the single-axis or multi-axis active locking screw machine, and the goods to be locked are manually loaded, and the machine actively moves the fixture and the product to locate the goods. It can be manually or manually machine-loaded.According to the moving method, it can be divided into: double-point mobile, multi-point mobile, turntable mobile, and circular mobile.The multi-axis active lock screw machine can be divided into : Manual button-actuated type, foot switch-actuated type, active induction-actuated type.  

Automatic feeding type multi-axis active locking screw machine is cost-effective, can recover the cost of the machine in about one year, 1-20 axes are optional, and multiple screws can be locked together, which can replace multiple manual, manual feeding, and the machine actively moves the jig. For positioning, manual feeding can also be performed by the machine. According to the request of the lock screw, an appropriate torque adjustment scale can be configured, and each axis can independently adjust the torque.

全自动锁螺丝机厂家 At present, the professional development of screw machines in China is very hot, and the corresponding manufacturers of fully automatic screw machines are as diverse as the mountains. 一些不良厂家为了能使异形螺丝正常经过螺丝轨迹,将大多数通道都变大,这么的做法直接导致电批嘴很难对准螺丝凹槽,发作锁螺丝浮牙的景象,对商品的质量形成影响; 正常锁附时当第二步呈现并发作主动筛选出一颗异形螺丝时,这么必定会有一个螺丝空位,假设集成系统能够立刻进行补给操作的话,是不会发送空挡景象的,这也是一个判别螺丝机好坏的窍门;1111 在螺丝大批量实践生产中,很可能呈现飞边、大头的一些螺丝。 Various types and various quotations of automatic screwdrivers have made people dazzled. Below are a few tips for selecting screwdrivers. I hope to help you! Some bad manufacturers will make special-shaped screws pass the screw track normally. Most of the channels become larger. This method directly leads to the difficulty of aligning the screwdriver mouth with the screw groove, and the appearance of the floating screw teeth is affected, which affects the quality of the product. When the normal lock is attached, the second step appears and occurs actively. When a special-shaped screw is screened out, there must be a screw space. Assuming the integrated system can perform replenishment operations immediately, it will not send a neutral scene. This is also a trick to judge the quality of the screw machine. 1111 In practical production, it is likely that some screws with flashing edges and large heads will appear. Take some irregular screws that do not conform to the rules and put them into the screw feeder. Assuming that the active screw driver can actively screen out the irregular screws without jamming in the normal locking process, such a screw machine is better.

After the above explanations, do you know how to choose an automatic screw machine? As long as you choose a good automatic screw machine, you can save a lot of unnecessary troubles and ensure that the goods are properly locked. The automatic lock screw machine manufacturer recommends that you do not I bought a pile of scrap iron for cheap.

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