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How to choose the right automatic screwdriver wind and electric batch

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How to choose the right automatic screwdriver wind and electric batch

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,自动打螺丝机平均打一颗螺丝的时间大概是在1.3-1.5秒以内,比人工操作要快好几倍;不仅进步了出产功率,还处理了企业招工难的疑问,下降出产成本;全自动锁螺丝机可以一天24小时作业,不用忧虑像人工那样,能否坚持长期作业而不呈现失误;它可以自个排除不规则的螺丝,免去了返工的程序,也不会形成商品的糟蹋。 The automatic screw-locking machine , the average time for a screw-driving machine to be within 1.3-1.5 seconds, is several times faster than manual operation; not only improves the production power, but also handles the problem of difficulty in recruiting the company, and decreases. Production cost; fully automatic screw lock machine can work 24 hours a day, no need to worry about whether it can persist in long-term operation without errors as manual; it can eliminate irregular screws by itself, avoid rework procedures, and will not The formation of commodities. Therefore, the fully automatic locking screw machine is called an artifact that improves the output power, and its advantages are inseparable.

The wind batch or electric batch in the automatic screw-locking machine is an indispensable part of the active installation equipment. However, some users have doubts about whether the use of active batch screwdrivers is better than using electrical batches. I do n’t know how to choose?

First, appearance 全自动锁螺丝机

From the appearance point of view, the shell of electric screwdrivers for automatic screwdrivers are mostly plastic materials, incorporating ergonomic principles, feel comfortable and light in weight; the windshield shells of active screwdrivers are mostly metal materials. Slightly worse than electric, but the metal case has better antistatic function.

Second, speed

The speed of the electric batch is usually about 1000-2000r / min, and electric sparks will occur during the work. If the active screwdriver insists on long-term high-frequency operation, the screwdriver will be hot.

The speed of the wind batch is usually about 1000-2800r / min. Because the motor is driven by high-pressure gas, the full-automatic screw-locking machine in time will not be hot for a long time.

Third, energy consumption

From the perspective of energy consumption, the air consumption of each screwdriver of the active screw screw machine selected by the wind batch is about 0.28㎡ / min, which is relatively more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, while the power consumption of the electric batch is 55W per hour.

Fourth, accuracy

From the point of view of the torque accuracy of the fully automatic locking screw machine , the electric batch is more accurate, but the torque is small, which is suitable for small torque operation. The air source pressure of the wind batch is not simple and stable, and errors occur easily.

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