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What are the benefits of screw machines from common automatic screw machine manufacturers

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What are the benefits of screw machines from common automatic screw machine manufacturers

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Compared with the action of holding the screw with one hand, the electric screwdriver with one hand, or the air screwdriver with one hand, the automatic screw-feeding screw machine can free one hand and only need a hand-held screwdriver to align the screw holes with the screw. After locking one screw, you only need to lift the screwdriver to lock the screw at the next screw hole position. The automatic screwdriver manufacturer machine will automatically transfer a screw to the screwdriver when the screwdriver is lifted, waiting for the screw to be locked. So repeat.

What are the advantages of the hand-held automatic screw feeding machine? 自动打螺丝机厂家

1. Hand-held automatic screw - locking machine . Screws can be delivered and locked in one go. Never take the screws by hand again. The screwing speed is 40-60PCS / MIN, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor. You can hit as fast as you can!

2. Each time a screw is beaten, the feeding mechanism will automatically send the screw to the batch mouth, eliminating the need to grab the screw by hand, move and align it.

3. As long as it is directly aligned with the screw hole position, it can be locked by pressing the screw lightly. There is no repeated feeding. Locking one by one is convenient and quick.

4. It can be equipped with the original electric and wind batches. No new electric and wind batches need to be purchased separately. The torque adjustment is the same as your original adjustment method, saving purchase costs!

5. The electric applicator is quite light, so don't worry about increasing the fatigue of the workers due to the heavy head!

6. It can be operated by a single machine or configured into an assembly line. Loading and unloading form. Quickly improve the quality of screw locking, greatly improve production efficiency.

7. Automatic screw machine manufacturers Hand-held lock screw machines are used in automatic assembly lines in the electronics industry, such as cell phones, hard drives, keyboards, computers, DVDs, home appliances, fans, electronics, plastics, toys, appliances, telecommunications equipment, electrical appliances, toys, electronics processing plants.

What about the fully automatic screw feeding machine?

On the basis of the automatic feeding of the hand-held automatic screw feeding screw machine, functions such as a robot arm or an assembly line, a table, and automatic positioning control are added. It is a TOP product of the screw feeding screw machine. Unmanned monitoring can be implemented according to customer site requirements, which saves labor costs and improves production and assembly efficiency.

It can be designed as a horizontal, oblique and multi-directional simultaneous lock mechanism to meet a variety of production needs; intelligent ---- continuous feeding, constant torque, optional counting function, anti-leakage function can be provided. Lock detection; the two stations are automatically connected, and an automatic assembly line design can be used. There is no need to manually transfer the workpiece. The workpiece is automatically in place, the screw is automatically tightened, and the next process is automatically entered.

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